Pre-eclampsia was found in 15 (3.2%) cases in the IVF group and 31 (1.2%) cases in the non-IVF group. Among those who had pre-eclampsia, the number of early onset (< 32 weeks of gestation) cases was two (13.3%) for the IVF group and three (9.7%) for the non-IVF group.

IVF is accompanied by an increased risk of preeclampsia. IVF is implicated in the progression of pre-eclampsia. Defective placentation predisposes IVF patients to pre-eclampsia.

The study suggested that eggs grown outside of the body (i.e. during IVF treatment) may not implant in quite the same way as unassisted conceptions. This could affect the correct growth of the placenta and, so it was argued, lead to more cases of pre-eclampsia.

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