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Who is a Genetic Counselor ?

  • Genetic counselors are professionals trained in the fields of genetics and psychosocial counselling.
  • They act as advocates for families affected by genetic disorders.
  • They help patients understand the concepts of heredity.
  • Assist them in planning for treatment of affected individuals as well as providing options for future offspring.

What is the role of a Genetic Counselor ?

Genetic counselors play a key role in educating health providers and assisting with establishing standards of practice. Trained genetic counselors also provide a liaison for health professionals and patients to communicate with policy makers, the media and the public about new and emerging medical/ genetic technologies and services.

What does a Genetic Counselor do ?

  • Review family and medical history.
  • Figure out if the patient or their family members are at risk for disease.
  • Explain how genetic conditions are passed down through families.
  • Find and give information about genetic conditions.
  • Provide information about testing options and help patients decide whether they want testing.
  • Offer guidance to help the patient make informed choices or life plans.
  • Help patients find referrals to medical specialists, advocacy, support networks, and other resources.

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