List of Accomodations Near Care IVF, Lansdowne

Serial No. Hotel Name   Place Rate in Rs. All A.C. Rooms Remarks
1 OYA ROOMS 9953350145 Alipore / Park Street Rs.1754/- and above Double Room Only By Appointment
2 MARBLE PALACE GUEST HOUSE 9830874788, 9830804788, 03324668213 Park Street Rs.1800/- Inc. Tax Double Room  
3 CHOWDHURY ESTATE PVT LTD 033-22821817 Park Street Rs.3000/- + Tax Double Room Rs.2700 + TAX + GST = Rs.3186
4 ASTER GUEST HOUSE 033-22821921 Park Street Rs.1800/- + Tax Double Room Phone ringing but no response
5 EMBASSY HOTEL 033-33022965 Park Street Rs.1938/- Inc. Tax Double Room Disconnecting calls
6 BEST INN 033-33029491 New Market Rs.1470/- to Rs.2100/- Inc. Tax Double Room Rs.1800 + GST = Rs.1900
7 MARBLE PALACE GUEST HOUSE 033-33025628 Kalighat Rs.1800/- to Rs.2200/- + Tax Double Room Rs.1800 /- inc tax, near Rabindra Sarabor metro station.
8 SIDDHIVINAYAK GUEST HOUSE 033-33014578 Rash Behari (Behala P.S.) Rs.1500/- to Rs.2500/- P/D Double Room Near Behala P.S
9 SOUTH POLE GUEST HOUSE 033-24666734, 8296283200 Rash Behari     Landline not working, Rs.1600 /- inc tax
10 ELDORADO GUEST HOUSE 033-24663445, 9007402745 Rash Behari Rs.1202/- per day Double Room Disconnecting calls
11 CONTINENTAL GUEST HOUSE 033-22520663, 9830055677 Park Street Rs.1000/- per day Double Room Same rate
12 NEW METRO GUEST HOUSE 033-33132722 Lake Gardens Rs.1200/- to Rs.1600/- per day Double Room Disconnecting calls
13 NOOR GUEST HOUSE 033-33136557 Rash Behari Rs.1450/- to Rs.1550/- per day Double Room Same rate

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