Recurrent Pregnancy loss effects about 5 % of couples trying to conceive. It is a shattering and distressful condition for couples and is majorly caused due to genetic factors. Therefore couples with RPL need to be screened for any these genetic factors (gene abnormalities) that might be causing this condition. Most couples don’t understand this. Even if they are physically normal they may be carriers of certain genetic abnormalities that might manifest in the embryo causing it to miscarry repeatedly. Genetic Counsellors will counsel the couple’s regarding the suspected causes and what are the tests that need to be done to rule out the various non-genetic factors and identify if the cause may be due to genetic factor. If genetic factor is suspected then the geneticists will advise specific genetic test(s) to identify the type of genetic abnormality.

Some known causes for RPL are*:

  • Mullerian and uterine abnormalities
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Immunological disorders
  • Maternal infections (cytomegalovirus / chlamydia)
  • Chromosomal and Single gene disorders
  • Thrombophilia
* [ Genetic evaluation and counseling of couples with recurrent miscarriage: recommendations of the National Society of Genetic Counselors. Genet Couns. 2005 Jun;14(3):165-81. Mercy Y. Laurino, Robin L. Bennett, Devki S. Saraiya, Lisa Baumeister, Debra Lochner Doyle, Kathleen Leppig, Barbara Pettersen, Robert Resta, Larry Shields, Stefanie Uhrich, et al.]

3 or more consecutive pregnancy losses with no pregnancy progressing beyond 20 weeks gestation


3 or more pregnancy losses following a pregancy that progreses beyond 20 weeks gestation


3 losses followed by pregancy which progressed beyond 20 weeks followed by 3 or more losses

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