We offer fertility preservation option for men and couples undergoing infertility treatment in the form of short term and long term semen freezing options.

Short Term Husband Semen Freezing

Short term Husband’s Semen freezing in a required for couples undergoing IVF. Husband’s semen sample is collected in the beginning of IVF treatment cycle and frozen as a backup for a month or more. This back up sample may be subsequently used in case:

  1. The husband will not be able to present on the day of Oocyte pick up.
  2. The sample obtained on the day of pick up is not adequate.

The charges applicable are per vial per month. In case there is a treatment delay and the sample needs to be kept for more than a month, monthly charges are applicable per vial of sample.

Long Term Semen Freezing

  • Long term Preservation of sperm is of prime importance for men who are in danger of losing their fertility or having it impaired. Successful sperm preservation gives you the possibility of fathering a child at some later date.
  • Male Fertility may be damaged by chemotherapy, radiotherapy. There are two possible effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy:
    • That no sperm will be present after the therapy or
    • That therapy will have the potential to affect the DNA (the genetic component) of the sperm. There is very little information on the possibility of genetic damage or mutations by chemotherapy and how this may manifest to the potential offspring.
  • Male infertility can also be caused by surgery around the reproductive system, such as that carried out for prostate cancer.
  • Long Term Semen freezing is also recommended for those couples who are undergoing IVF for their first child and they know that the husband’s semen quality is deteriorating. They can freeze the semen for future allowing them an opportunity to try for a second child later on.

What’s is the best time to freeze semen if diagnosed with Cancer?

Once it is known that cancer is diagnosed, or that any intense form of chemotherapy or radiotherapy involving the testicles is to be administered, sperm cryopreservation should be performed immediately. If chemotherapy or radiotherapy has begun, we can still store sperm, but it is less satisfactory because we will not know if any damage has occurred to the existing sperms. If no sperms are then seen, it will not be easy to determine whether this was the effect of the treatment or whether the absence of sperm had been present before treatment.

Is there a fee for long term sperm storage?

Yes there is an annual charge for sperm storage with yearly Mainatainace (extension) fees which needs to be renewed annually before the expiry of the current term.