The cost of IVF treatment at Care IVF will vary from couple to couple based on:

  • Their age
  • Degree of complexity of their problem
  • Receptivity to medicines.

First cycle costs are always more. If embryos were preserved in the first cycle, IVF procedure cost in Repeat Cycle are slashed to Rs. 26,000/- (plus medicines and some tests).


Low Cost IVF (With urinary gonadotrophins) 85,000/- View inclusions
Cost of Normal IVF cycle with recombinant gonadotrophins
Ovarian Stimulation 60,000/- to 90,000/- **
Based on Stimulation protocol used
Why does the cost vary?
OPU and IVF charges And Embryo transfer 62,000/-
Embryo freezing costs (Up to 4 embryos) 15,000/-
In cycle assessment (from Cycle day 1 to Transfer)
Follicular scans 3,100/-
Blood tests 6,000 - 7,000/-
IVF with Egg donor 1,30,000/- Inclusions & Exclusions
Endometrium Preparation Medicines 10,000/- **
Frozen Embryo Transfer 26,500/- (Thawing + Transfer)
If no embryos are present: Same as First cycle costs


Blastocyst culture
Medications to improve sperm yield
Testicular Sperm extraction procedures for certain male infertility problems (TESA/ PESA).

Embryo Donation

Excluding the cost of medicines 57,000/-

* The costs mentioned are individual procedure costs. To get a full estimate of how much the whole treatment would costs; we recommend you to visit us for a consultation.

** The costs are an approximate estimate only.