This is something every woman dreams of. Becoming a mother.... 9 years of marriage & i was losing hope. every day was a trauma. not only the pain of not being pregnant but also the social stigma attached to it. both of us were desperate of have a kid. then we decided to go ahead for treatment.We decided to go to Dr. Rajeev Agarwal. it was indeed reassuring and at the same time we were informed that chances are 50-50. i am 36 & was detected of having endometriosis. the possibility of bearing a child was even lesser. but we decided to see the end of it. finally in the 2nd attempt i got the news" positive". nothing would hold me back now. it was exciting as well as a nervous moment.I was waiting for the day when i would be having a big tummy, so that i can proudly walk down the street in front of every one to show" LOOK I AM PREGNANT". finally the day came when i could hold my little angel in my Arms. I would like to thank everyone who is directly or indirectly associated with the best gift I got.

  Mohua Roy Choudhury, Kolkata, India

An incredible journey

An incredible journey: Like most working couples of our age, my husband and I were too busy pursuing demanding careers and having a good time. Not paying heed to our parents, we thought that there was time enough to start thinking of a family.....till one day I realized that very soon I would be on the wrong side of thirty. That was also the time it hit us that one cannot conceive a child overnight. I mean we had heard about the proverbial biological clock, read enough about the difficulties couples nowadays face in conceiving due to stress, reluctance to meet often, obesity, etc....but never really thought that we were one of the living examples of these phenomena. To top it all I was also having PCOS. We visited gynaecologists referred by friends/acquaintances at random. While each was competent and professional, for some unexplained reasons I was not comfortable and therefore left their treatments mid-way. That was when I was referred to Dr. Rajeev Agarwal by a close friend. I remember my first meeting with Dr. Rajeev went with him telling me that having babies was not akin to putting money in a vending machine and getting the product there would be no short-cuts. The next time I was accompanied by my husband and we were given a very no-nonsense, on-your-face appraisal of where we stood. My husband’s observation that we did not meet enough due to stressful careers etc. was shot down and he was sternly recommended to lose weight and improve on the health-meter. Dr. Rajeev recommended two rounds of IUI initially for me and then assess further depending on the outcome. We left suitably chastised but optimistic and hopeful that we were in capable hands. For someone who hates going to doctors’ clinics, I must admit that having to regularly visit CARE was not something I looked forward to. However, what got me going was the ambience there. CARE has invested in people (both doctors and support staff) who know not only know what they are doing, but more importantly, are sensitive to each and every patient who walks in through their doors. The entire atmosphere is very positive and with each visit, no matter what the outcome, you know you are being taken care of. That to me was the deciding factor. At each visit I was given time and explained the outcome of each steps undertaken. All my questions were answered and never were I rushed. Dr. Mukesh was a dream to be with for my ultrasounds and Dr. Suparna was just the person to handle my never-ending queries. Together with them and Dr. Rajeev, never did I once lose hope. I consider myself very lucky and blessed that I conceived with my first IUI. My entire pregnancy was also a dream run. I wanted a normal delivery and was not turned away. I remember Dr. Mukesh telling me that choosing to have a normal delivery is the prerogative of the mother and not her doctor’s. That gave me hope and I worked hard for it, which paid off in the end. Dr. Rajeev smilingly answered my thousand-and-one inane queries and never rushed me even once. Having said this, I also know for a fact that no matter how competent your doctor is, there might be unexplained reasons why the result may not always be to your liking. Whatever the outcome, it is very important for all of us to be treated with care, sensitivity and competence in this difficult journey that some of us need to undertake.....and I think that is where, for me, CARE counted. Thank you Dr. Rajeev and the entire team @ CARE! Because of the incredible gift of a child, you will always be a part of our lives.

  A Grateful Patient, Kolkata, India

Its not just treatment, its more....

I was married for 5 years and had run from pillar to post and undergone 4 IVFs in Chittagong and Dhaka before travelling to India to see Dr Rajeev Agarwal at Care IVF in Kolkata India. I had to go through a lot of investigations but I was ofcourse made to understand why they were being done and that they would all add to my ultimate success. My first IVF itself was a success !!!!!! I know I have reasons to be indebted to the centre but I would like to go beyond that and say that when a patient with infertility walks in, she needs not only the correct diagnosis and treatment but additionally also needs a lot of patients, understanding and love. I found ALL this at Care IVF from the very warm and wonderful staff. Dr Rajeev Agarwal was wonderful and I have no words to thank him enough. I hope and pray that Care IVF continues to grow and serve many more like me.

  Ishrat Jahan, Dhaka, Bangladesh

success story

I Rinky Agarwal married 7 years ago and was pregnant after 9 months but unfortunately I was miscarriage after 3 months and was not conceived for a year and was fully depressed and after so many local treatment I went to care ivf and there I was told that I m suffering from pcos and started treatments and was advised to go for iui and I had iui thrice but unfortunately I was not success and at this time I was fully frustrated and was depressed so much that I stopped treatment for 1 year and after that I again came to Dr Rajeev Agarwal and decided to go for ivf and was told that success rate is 35 % I was again tenssed because our financial condition does not allow me for ivf with this success rate but at care ivf I was told by doctor and staff to go for ivf and finally I decided for ivf and it was my faith in God and Care ivf team work made me success at first chance and now I can feel all the pleasure and happiness of being a mother. Lastly I again wants to thanks Dr rajeev Agarwal and his team who made my life fruitful and HAPPY

  rinky agarwal, dhanbad, India

Story - Udit & Vinita Dugar

Dear Dr Rajeev Agarwal, Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for being the person you are: kind and thoughtful, sensitive and considerate, a generous and thoughtful giver. You are unselfish always, putting others before yourself, making us feel special and important. It is a privilege and a pleasure to know you.

  Udit and Vinita Dugar, Kolkata, India

Story - Gautam & Shachi Jhunjhunwala

Dear Sir, Words can never be enough to thank you for the joy you have gifted us. You have brought love, joy and happiness into our life and we are ever so grateful to you for showing us that Miracles do happen and faith is what gives success !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !

  Gautam & Shachi Jhunjhunwala, Kolkata, India

Story - Gaurav, Khushbu & Vedraj Gupta

Dearest Dr Rajeev, I want to thank you for the amount of care you and your entire team took of me. All of you made me a lot more comfortable than I actually was, considering the fact that this whole experience was new for me. I am very grateful to you and your staff for being so patient with me and calming me down during these jittery hours, for the endless sms's and never ending phone calls ! And also for doing such a great job of me and my baby ! Thank you once again for making us Proud Parents. Regards, Khushbu & Gaurav Gupta A little note from the lil one Dearest Dr Uncle, Thank you for taking care of me inside Mummy's tummy and showing me this beautiful world ! Loads of Love, Vedraj Gupta

  Gaurav, Khushbu & Vedraj Gupta, Kolkata, India

Story - Gautam & Kanchan

CARE - IVF - REAL CARE AND A GIFT ONLY GOD COULD GIVE Our 1st 10 years of marriage which were full of difficulties. 1st Kanchan got Neurocysticercosis ( basically a worm in her brain) and then a few years later I had a near death experience with Hepatitis. In both cases we were advised to wait before we plan a child. After 2 years of my illness both of us were now craving for something special in our lives. Kanchan was more evident and spoke about it and I was trying to block the thought away by immersing myself in work. We went to various doctors who either gave us an appointment and made us wait 3-4 hours which I could not do because of my schedule or did not understand what we had been through in terms of illnesses. At this time the we were introduced to the thought of IVF. We did not know what was wrong with us and neither did we know what IVF would entail till we went to CARE IVF and met Dr. Rajeev Agarwal. I still remember his Paddapukur chamber distinctly and a poem written on his wall HIMMAT KARNE WAALO KI KABHI HAAR NAHI HOTI. Somehow after that every time I was in his chamber I would read that poem. Well the 1st thing that made me happy was that I was in the doctor's chamber within 15 minutes of arriving there. All other doctors used to make us wait anywhere from 1 - 4 hours as if they are the only busy people in the world. I met this guy who was young and dashing and started chatting with him rather than just him asking us some questions and us answering his questions. Then started the process of tests. There were many tests to be done 1st to find out what was wrong and then to solve the problems. Ofcourse in the course of this we met the ever smiling Gauri who was then Kanchan's best friend and they had something to speak about everyday. FInally it was decided we had to go for IVF as that was the only option. We started the process and the injections were to be given. Kanchan was then living the closest to the Doctor's chamber and so her timings would be odd and the final injection was at 2 am. When Kanchan mildly protested she was told go to Sheesha and party and then come for the injection. When we went through our 1st IVF, things didn't work out. Kanchan was in shambles. She cried for days. There was talk of going from Bangkok to Singapore to USA for treatment. When we went to meet the Doctor and he informed us that there were some complications and he know on Day 1 that things probably would not work out but miracles happen and he was hoping for a miracle. Somehow Kanchan and I were confident that Dr. Agarwal would create the miracle we were all hoping for. He explained to Kanchan that since the complication was now known the next chance was better and Kanchan and I gave it the 2nd shot. While we were going through the process we met other couples, some were trying 5th, 6th, 7th time and you thought of the lines on Dr. Agarwal's wall HIMMAT KARNE WAALO KI KABHI HAAR NAHI HOTI. As we embarked on our next IVF journey things were smoother and Kanchan more prepared for the worst. Finally the D.Day of the test and we got the fantastic news that indeed Kanchan was pregnant and the IVF was successful. Then started the story of Kanchan's pregnancy. By then Doc and she were best friends. Dr. Mukesh was also there for the USG and she literally used to bully them.Doctor also had to find time from his schedule to come for Kanchan's Baby Shower and she had warned him that he would have to face the consequences of not attending. FInally on D-Day when Ranvir was born it was really a gift that God and CARE IVF had given to us. Dr. Agarwal for us amongst other things gave us a gift no one in this world could have given us. Today when Kanchan asked me to write about CARE IVF all those times come into my mind in a rush. It is difficult to put down all the emotions of sorrow and happiness in words but I will remember the famous lines forever HIMMAT KARNE WAALO KI KABHI HAAR NAHI HOTI=

  Gautam & Kanchan Rajda, Kolkata, India




Wonderful IVF journey

Dr.Rajeev Agarwal is genuine, honest and knowledgeable. His staff is caring, hard working and extremely organized. His office was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns. They also have an excellent rating in successful pregnancies. Every patient is different and Dr. Rajeev Agarwal has the knowledge and skill to make the best recommendations according to each individual. This is a person you can trust. If you are fortunate enough to come across to Careivfkolkata Clinic. The staff is so kind and caring and Dr. Suparna Bhattacharya is such a fantastic person. She was always so incredibly encouraging and positive. I never once felt treated like a number. My husband and I are so very grateful for the wonderful experience! Careivfkolkata Clinic you an extraordinary doctors who is warm, understanding, empathic and super patient. And of course, they offer the most experienced, loving and caring nurses who remember you personally and treat you like you were the only patient in the clinic. The whole facility is just GREAT! They like are a big family! They make you feel right at home and this sometimes helps you take your mind off the whole IVF thing. We are currently 27 weeks pregnant with twins boys after 2 years of fertility treatments and i am 40 years old mom which is consider at a high risk.But i feel extremely healthy and no any side effects. My husband and I would like to extend our sincerest thank you to you for all you have done for us. When we were referred to you couple years ago, we were distraught and lost, but thanks to the caring, compassion, and dedication you always gave, we were able to weather the trails of infertility with new found hope. We can never express enough how appreciative we are for the level of kindness and professionalism we received from everyone at Careivfkolkata Clinic, and it is because of you all that we are on our journey to parenthood!! We are excitedly looking forward to welcoming our little two in April, and for this extraordinary gift, no amount of thanks will ever be enough. Thank you for all the ways you make this world a brighter one. Wishing you all the best!!! I truly hope that my story and my experience will help others to have kids. I wish all of you the best of luck. I wish I could say more good things. Just please, check them out. They will win you over too!!! With best regards, Dipankar Khanra & Kristina Khanra New York,NY 2014


Success story from Midnapore

Myself Indranil Chakraborty, husband of one of your IVF patient, Malancha Bhattacharyya from Midnapore. After three years of unsuccesful treatment in various places we the frustrated couple were advised by my matertnal Uncle Dr.Dipak Chakraborty to move to Care IVF. We moved there and after careful investigation and through a thorough series of investigations my Wife underwent IVF on 12 th Nov 2013. She had a succesful FET and became pregnant thereof. She is now three months pregnanant . Last week she has done her first trimester scan , and thank god ot is O.K. No words are sufficient to express our gratitude and thankfulness to Care IVF. Being the key person of the institution the credit goes to you Dr.Rajeev. It is not because that my wife conceived I am thanking you It is because the care and commitment your team has shown to us we are thankful to you. I may be wasting your time Dr. But one thing I must mention here that I am feeling short of words to express my thanks to Dr.Madanki. Dr.Madanki wih her inimitable wonderful personality taken that much care that is really excellent. In the tough journey she always was with us and with her words, suggestions and care she made our journey comfortable and bearable. She is a real asset of your institution. Others are also very affectionate and caring. I now that our journey is not yet completed, still I shall with all my heart and soul pray to the almighty that Care IVF become a Landmark in the arena of Infertility treatment , and may God bless you so much so that you may create wonderful smiles in the face of thousands of ladies who has given up hope of becoming mother. Thank you very much once again

  Dr Indranil Chakraborty, Kharagpur, India

perseverance and patience road to success

hi there i am all smiles today thanks to Dr.Rajeev agarwal and his team of doctors Dr.Madanki, Dr.Suparna and Dr.Mukesh.. I came to Dr.Rajeev after 3 failed ivfs and a biochemical pregnancy and i was nothing but a bundle of nerves and very little hope.I had attempted my earlier ivfs in mumbai but was left dejected as my pcod problem was considered a big hindrance in conception. However i came back to kolkata and having heard about Dr.Rajeev Agarwal from friends thought of giving it one more try having very little hope but the courage to pursue my dream,i didnt want to give up.Dr.Agarwal being a gynaec cum ivf doctor helped tremendously as his approach was totally different as compared to only ivf doctors.He first wanted to check me for any gynaecological issues besides my PCOD so he recommended a laproscopy to see if my tubes were fine as well to check me for other infections. After the laproscopy we found out that i had a patch of microbacterium tuberclosis which is supposed to be quite common in women . Dr.Rajeev recommended that i take a course of the tuberclosis medicine as that could be one of the reason for not conceiving .This pushed my chances of trying another 4months behind but i was ready to wait .However my pcod medicine were also continued alongside. After 4 months Dr. Rajeev suggested we go in for an IUI as against an IVF as it is a less intrusive method and was worth giving a try having now taken all necessary steps for a better cycle. We were not comfortable with the idea as IUI has only 25% success rate as compared to IVF which has a 40%-50% success rate but our belief in our doctor made us trust him and go ahead as he said as there was nothing to lose . May 2013 we went ahead with the IUI and after a month voila we got the great news i was pregnant . The story doesnt end here we had to still confirm it was not a biochemical pregnancy and had to wait till we saw the heart beat at 8weeks . It seemed like sheer disbelief but yes i was carrying . The next nine months i was strictly monitored by the entire team of Care from sonographies to monthly checkups to blood tests the works . Jan 2013 i delivered a perfectly adorable and healthy baby girl . My 4 years of patience and perseverance paid off and made me believe MIRACLES DO HAPPEN. Thank you once again CARE for making my life so delightful.

  suhani singh, kolkata, india

My Journey

My journey into pregnancy was no easy dream to achieve. Being fully into a career oriented lifestyle, by the time we felt the need to bring our offspring into the world, I was detected with tubal blockage, the only solution to pregnancy being the IVF process. I was referred to Dr Rajeev Agarwal by my husband’s friends. My first impression of the clinic and the gynaecologist gave me positive vibes, but I was under the delusion that IVF was as easy as a simple alternative to natural conception, and I was way too wrong. My medical test reports were positive with no apparent physical problems except the tubal blockage. Hence, a beginner’s attempt was made for the 1st IVF process. It is then that I realised that my ovarian reserve was poor and I was not producing enough ova. Still an attempt on back foot was made with single ova, and quite expectedly it was unsuccessful in spite of my husband having excellent sperm quality. I was then put through various tests, including a hysteroscopy where a tuberculosis of the uterus was detected. Simultaneously, Dr Rajeev also increased the uterine space in the process. I went through the treatment of the uterine TB for 6 months with another doctor referred by Dr Rajeev. However, given my poor ovarian reserve, I was advised to go for ova donation instead of wasting money on another IVF attempt with my own eggs. I still wanted to take another attempt, but this time I approached the in house homeopath for a solution. I went through homeopathic treatment for 1 long year, but every month, my scan showed only single ova. I even made another IVF attempt with the single ova, but it failed again. Finally, I decided to go for ova donation and simultaneously was contemplating adoption. This time, God was kind and it was a successful transfer. My scanning showed twin pregnancy. There was no looking back since then, I followed every single instruction diligently alongwith a busy work schedule. Dr Rajeev and the associated Care staff took every step to ensure that my pregnancy was safe. Every month it was the exciting feeling to see both the foetus grow little by little. Finally the day came, when I delivered twin boys. It was a moment to cherish. My Heartiest Thanks to Dr Rajeev Agarwal and his team of medical professionals who supported me even mentally to keep my hopes built on….!!!

  D Chowdhury, Kolkata, India


My journey towards pregnancy began 3 years ago and when I started neither of us knew it would be a 3 year long one - one that was also an emotional roller coaster ride - like most infertility journeys are! But with Doc (Dr. Rajeev) around... it was a much simpler and smoother journey ! He was always there as a perfect friend, philosopher and guide. The reason that made me stand on this other side of the line was not something I could not try and get over and Doc never forced me to jump into the IUI or IVF arena either. He told me how to tackle my problem and when I went back to him with a white flag.. he counselled me on both IUI and IVF treatments and we decided to start with IUI. Livnig in Mumbai, it was difficult for both of us to come down every month for the treatment but Doc was always there by our side, seeing to how he could make it simpler for us. He made it possible for me to undergo half my treatment in Mumbai which required me to be present in Kolkata just on the day of the IUI transfer. If i ever needed an appointment with him before that, Skype appointments came to my rescue. I never felt I was talking to my doctor across the country. Everything was so well taken care of for me! I even developed OHSS during one of my cycles which lead to the cycle being cancelled that month and after all the scans, medicines, blood tests and injections thats the last thing you're looking forward to.. but the pitfalls were explained to me with such honesty that it only made my trust in my doctor take a deeper root inside me. Month after month my IUIs failed! It was definitely not easy not knowing when this journey would take a turn but Doc always reassured me saying its not the end and theres always light at the end of the tunnel. I felt like i was standing under an apple tree waiting for oranges to fall when my 5th IUI failed and he understood what I was going through. I joined the group counselling sessions at care and even took personal counselling sessions after Doc's suggestions. Without breaks, one can break down and Doc explained this to me only too well. We met again to decide the next course of action and I decided to take a break and come back for a pick up and eventually start with IVF. Another year passed by and I underwent a hysteroscopy and then a failed attempt at IVF. He always called me to discuss my blood test report on the D-Day and his words were always very reassuring. Without him standing next to me like a strong pillar of support, I dont think I would have managed to fight 2 more failed IVFs. Now with 5 failed IUIs and 3 failed IVFs and a little less than 3 years behind me, Doc was more concerned then I was. I had left everything to him and was only still walking this journey because I knew he would definitely find me a solution. He proposed doing the ERA test explaining that for 5% of women, their transfer date should be something else and the test is usually done when someone comes with a history of repeated IVF failures. ERA was done for me and 15 days later, I got an email from Doc with my report attached and a line saying "Its positive! :)" Suddenly it felt that my world was going to change though I still didnt know after how many more attempts. He even explained to me why we didnt jump into ERA in the first phase of IVF as it would have been wrong to assume in the initial phase of things that I belonged to the minor 5% group and start my treatment based on that. Never did I feel even once that all avenues of treatment were not being explored with me. I knew that I was receiving the best in my current set of circumstances. The next month my transfer happened again and 2 weeks later I got a call from Doc again, saying "Congratulations.. I am so happy to share this with you! Even the entire clinic is jumping with joy!" 3 years of emotional turmoil came to an end. Doc seemed even more happy than me. Now that I am pregnant today I know that I dont have to worry about anything because I know that he is one person who will take care of the problems even before his patients can begin to feel them. In my first trimester when I started bleeding, I thought it was over all over again. But he sat me down and made me understand that once again it was not the end! My journey with infertility taught me that plans fail and back up plans can fail too but with Doc around, my mental health was taken care of too! He made me realize that "Nobody succeeds all the time..but nobody is destined to remain a failure either!" For those who are planning to take a step forward and fight their battle with infertility, I can assure you that you will always find him sitting all calm and composed in front of you, discussing your problems like they were his own and doing everything possible to find you a solution and making the journey simpler for you!

  Priya Kapoor, Mumbai, India

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