Conception and Pregnancy and is the most beautiful experience for both couples. But the preparation towards this, the anticipation, the waiting, trying again and again can make this experience stressful. If you think you will conceive the very first time you will try, think again. This is the most common mis-conceptions young couples have.

It’s extremely lucky and rare for couples to conceive the very first time. In order to conceive the timing of intercourse should be correct. That is, it should coincide with the day of ovulation. A couple in their 20s without any infertility issues, has a 20 per cent chance of getting pregnant naturally each month. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle, late hours, excessive consumption of alcohol or smoking by either or both the partners and even stress form work can cause these chances to dip.

In women having irregular cycles this may get even more complicated.

Some women may be having metabolic disturbances that make an ovulatory. Usually women with a history of diabetes or hypothyroidism have trouble conceiving. You will need the help of a doctor to detect these conditions like PCOS. Most of these conditions can be improved with medications.

Most couples want to get pregnant quickly. They are young and do not understand why they can’t get it right. To get it right both the wife and husband have to be fit, have to understand the process of reproduction and how their bodies change in preparation for that. A pre conception counseling with a doctors will sort you out and put you on the right track.

How can a doctor help you in Natural Conception?

Couples trying to get pregnant the first time can improve their chance of conceiving naturally by seeking expert advice. Care IVF offers Pre conception counseling to couples planning for a pregnancy naturally few months down the line.

We advise couples that their objective should be to not just conceive naturally but also to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

We offer some straight forward conception advice or tips.

One of the first steps towards getting pregnant naturally is adopting some Simple lifestyle changes that boost the fertility and sperm quality.

If the wife is overweight (BMI>25) we advise a diet plan and exercise to reduce weight.

We also advice to take folic acid and Vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D if impacts the overall health, helps in egg development and improves the immune system. Folic acid prevents chances of neural tube defects in the baby.

We advise couples on what medicines to take, and when to try intercourse and how frequently. We may also put you on Progesterone to help maintain the endometrium thickness and create the pest possible conditions for implantation of the embryo.

By following the routine advised by us, most couples should be able to conceive naturally within 2-3 months.

For couples who don’t want to wait and want to become pregnant quickly, we advised Natural Conception with Timed Intercourse.
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