Surrogate Registration:

KSOB undertakes recruitment of the surrogate, Surrogate Screening, medical and legal paperwork, facilities to keep the surrogate for the full duration of the pregnancy, pregnancy checkup and follow up for the ensuing pregnancy and also ensuring a safe delivery for the surrogate. All paperwork related to the smooth hand over of the baby to the commissioning couple are undertaken. We work with all foreign embassies and conform to their standards.

Surrogate Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Surrogate mother should be less than 45 years of age
  2. Cannot undergo more than three surrogacy pregnancies
  3. Surrogate should be married with at least one natural born child of her own and her Husband’s consent is necessary for her to enter the surrogate arrangement.
  4. If husband has passed away, death certificate is necessary. Also consent of guardian is necessary.
  5. The surrogate should provide the following documents:
    • Marriage certificate as proof.
    • Valid ID and address proof of herself and her husband/ guardian.
    • Birth certificate of her natural born children
    • In case she is a widow, Husband’s death certificate.
  6. The surrogate cannot have more than 4 children including her biological children and children born through surrogacy.
  7. A prospective surrogate mother must be tested for HIV and shown to be seronegative for this virus just before embryo transfer.

Surrogate Mother Registration Form:

Women interested can apply for surrogate services here.

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