Objective of KSOB

Kolkata Surrogacy and Oocyte Bank is involved with recruiting and screening of Surrogates and professional egg donors for the use of IVF centers & patients undergoing ART treatment.

The desire to have a child is one of the most desires of any woman. While an Infertility of IVF center can fulfill most wishes, sometimes help from other supportive organizations are required. As per ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) Guidelines (and soon to become a law), an IVF center cannot deal with or recruit a surrogate or an egg donor. It must be done by an independent organization. This is done so that transparency is maintained and also because only an independent organization can do justice to the proper evaluation, documentation, and follow up that such complicated procedures require. Any lacunae may not do justice to either the person looking for such a surrogate or egg donor or the surrogate or donor herself may be left shortchanged.

Kolkata Surrogacy and Oocyte Bank is the FIRST such endeavor in Eastern India which is going to address the issue professionally.

KSOB Services:

Egg Donor Registration

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Surrogate Mother Registration

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