Dr Sneha Tickoo

Deals with Psychological Counselling and Infertility and relationship Counselling

“What I really love about counselling is having the opportunity to meet couples from a variety of cultural backgrounds and influences and from all walks of life. I am impressed by the resilience and determination of couples facing treatment and enjoy supporting them on their all-important journey.”

Trying to conceive can be stressful. Anyone facing the fear and uncertainty associated with invasive investigations and treatment can experience a wide range of emotions including: anger, fear, frustration, envy, guilt, negativity, lack of confidence, loss of control and low self-esteem.

Some people feel isolated from friends and family, and couples may find it difficult to relate to each other. Counselling helps them accept and recognize their feelings. It’s helpful to have someone really listen to you without giving ‘advice’, and be able to talk to someone you can be completely honest with.

Your counselling session could help you deal with issues such as:
  • Coping with unsuccessful treatment cycles and/or pregnancy losses.
  • Coping with emotions around other people’s pregnancies, births and children.
  • Talking about Your family, friends and colleagues reactions.
  • Concerns related to donor treatment cycles, or feelings of anxiety or loss.
  • Impact of infertility on relationships.

We at Care know that IVF is a huge challenge and can be one of the main crisis points in any person’s life, requiring resilience and resourcefulness to manage the ups and downs of treatment. We believe that having a non-medical space to talk about all aspects of a patient’s life, not just about IVF, is an integral part of the treatment process.

"My personal experience with infertility was the inspiration for my decision to work in the field of infertility counseling’s feel privileged to be able to accompany patients on their journey through fertility treatment and beyond, providing support and compassion all along the complex path. My greatest reward is the feeling that I have in some ways eased the pain of this road less travelled."

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