Dr Dorothy P Ghosh

Dr Dorothy P Ghosh presently Consultant in the field of Infertility in CARE IVF Kolkata and Jamshedpur. With past 10 years of experience in the field of Infertility.
After successful completion of her post graduation from Tata Main Hospital Jamshedpur she then worked as a Senior Resident gaining experience and meeting challenges in difficult cases of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Then entering the world of Infertility management she has reachedout to thousands of childless couples.

Her personalized treatment approach and judicious decisions has brought smiles and given success to many many couples.

Procedures Performed Independently
  • She has over 100 IVF babies born under her care and treatment.
  • In her academic feats she has presented papers in national level conferences.
  • Co-ordinated and given lectures in workshops on Infertility Management.
  • Contributed to writing chapters in books on Infertility Management.

She believes in proper counseling and personalized touch alongwith incorporating advanced management and expertise in Infertility treatment to her patients.

Skilled and expertise for clinical management of

Presentations & Publications

  • 'Severe Pre-Eclampsia & Delivery outcome' All Jharkhand Annual Conference 2005
  • 'Threatened Abortion: Is expectant Management only needed' YUVA FOGSI conference 2007
  • 'Enhancing success rates in IUI' All Jharkhand and Jamshedpur Obs&Gynae Annual Conference 2015
  • 'Ovulation Induction for IUI' All Jharkhand and Bihar Conference 2018
  • Contributing chapters on 'Donor Semen Insemination' and 'Sperm Retrieval Techniques' in the book "Decision making in Infertility" First Edition 2020.
Wali Patkin

First of all I want to say thanks for Care IVF Jamshedpur. After that I want to explain that there are good staff and good Doctors specially Dr.Drothy.P.Ghosh I really want to appreciate her and her team

Banti Sinha

Thanks to Dr Dorothy and Care IVF Jamshedpur team. A big surprised get me in my life.

Chandan Kumar

Excellent results and experienced doctor. The doctor is very friendly and quickly understands the problems. After my treatment I got very nice results ...thanks a lots Dr Dorothy mam

Roushan Kumar

Dear Dorothy mam and Ranjana mam, I am very happy and my wife both of all your team work. I have very disappointed to check up either neither but anybody not satisfied me but Care IVF Jamshedpur satisfy me and my family and listen good news that change my life. Therefore, I am very thanks from bottom of my heart Care IVF Jamshedpur team and also Dr. Dorothy,Ranjana and Arpana mam. Yours kind hearted people

Nitin Tiwary

Thanks a ton to Dr. Dorothy Mam, as the name suggest you are truly God's Best Gift on Earth!!! Words could never express our gratitude for all you did and continue to do for us. You are truly amazing, compassionate, Perfectionist & brilliant! We admire you both for your commitment to all of those patients and families who you touch every day! Best Wishes to the Entire Team Care IVF

Rajpreet Kaur

Fully satisfied with the Dr Dorothy p Ghosh.... She is just amazing, the way she talk with the patience, patience are fully satisfied when they talk to the Dr with there problems.... M also happy that now my treatment is in the hand of a good Dr and I got a positive result 😊 all thanks to her.....

Sandeep Roy

It has been a great journey for us for the last 9 months. Finally, 6 years after our marriage, we are blessed with a baby boy...Many thanks to Dr. Dorothy and all the support staffs of Care IVF, Jamshedpur for their guidance and co-operation to make our dream to come true. Regards & Best Wishes, Sandeep & Rajasri.

R Sengupta

Thanks to care ivf Thanks to Dr Dorothy P Ghosh & all staff Really it's a God temple for us. Care IVF of being a new brightness in our life. Thanks a lot

Mayank Sharma

Best consultancy by Dr. Dorothy Ghosh A place where patient feels comfortable during the treatment by getting positive vibes through staff and treatment is best you can get in town Doctor is always connected with the patient and results are very good Thanks Dr. Dorothy Ghosh

Supriya Sneha

We r very grateful to Care IVF for positive results in only two months. It is a very good opportunity for all those couples who r expecting for a child but can't get it. We were one of those but today we got success only because of Care IVF. Thanks Care IVF.

Moumita P Mandal

Mam thank you so much for the difference you make in my life. Your kindness, sincere, caring and concern make everything better. Thank you so much for taking care of me and being so skilled at what you do. Every day of my life will be better because of you and your team.




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