Difficulty in conceiving can mean stressful times for the couple involved. This is only compounded by monetary issues, family, so called 'well-wishers’ and off-course the never ending labyrinth of treatments can also result in slight friction between the couple.

While IVF changes the lives of millions for the better, the treatment itself can be quite stressful too. It has been conclusively proved that stress by itself can reduce IVF success. We at Care IVF recognise this and do our bit to keep the patients oriented about their treatment cycle and keep tedious processes to the minimum.

Your IVF success rate mostly depends upon both your mental and physical health. Therefore we recommend patients to go for moderate or light yoga like meditation or pranayama during this time to reduce the stress.

There are a number of articles in the internet that talk about the beneficial effects of meditation for couples who are trying to conceive. While there no established statistics on how meditation impacts IVF success rate, it is an established fact that meditation does help reduce the stress during the treatment which in itself would have a positive impact on the IVF cycle.

However we only recommend any physical activity like exercise / yoga only moderately during Fertility Treatment as it had been shown that heavy exercise has negative result on the fertility success rate.

It is with this objective in mind, we have decided to introduce Pranayama as part of the run up to IVF and especially the Embryo transfer. Couples can take advantage of the Meditation classes from experts in this field and thus help achieve a relaxed mind and conditioning the body to be more receptive to pregnancy.

For Further information you may ask your appointed patient counsellor at Care IVF for booking information.

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