IVF Treatment costs in Kolkata may vary from depending on the clinic. When Patients are looking for the best fertility clinic for their Infertility treatment, IVF treatment cost is the most important aspect that helps them decide where to undergo treatment.
In this process they ignore some crucial parameters:

  • How well does the fertility treatment guarantee success.
  • What is the failure rate in the clinic?
  • More importantly how much does the cost of multiple IUI + IVF cycles amount to, since only on 30% cases couples achieve pregnancy in first attempt.
  • In trying to reduce costs, are the clinics ignoring certain basic tests and treatments thus compromising success?
  • Is the staff in the clinic helpful? Do they know their jobs and responsibilities and respond to the patient’s best interest.
  • Is the clinic limited in Infrastructure and tests or does it offer the patients all possible means of facilities, treatment options and tests so that they don’t look anywhere else.
  • How are the reviews and testimonials about the clinic and its doctors?
  • Does the clinic offer financial aid?
  • Does the clinic conduct active research on Fertility – is it up-to-date with the current trends in Fertility treatment? Is it a training center for other doctors?
  • Does the Clinic also look into the emotional and psychological wellbeing of the couples being treated by having an in-house Fertility counselor available?
  • Does the clinic offer couples complimentary therapy like Meditation, Nutrition consultation, Group therapy that help boost the implantation success rates?

These are the facts that couples must keep in mind when they are thinking which fertility clinic in India is good for fertility treatment.
Care IVF is the only Fertility Clinic in Kolkata that addresses all these questions and have developed different treatment protocols for IUI and IVF that would assist in getting the best result in minimum possible attempts and expenditure. We provide all ART services and fertility associated Services in one place.
Having said that there will be a rare instance when nothing seems to work but we would have arrived at that point only after having tried all the best possible options available for conception.

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