Isha Kedia

Isha Kedia
Dietetics and Applied Nutrition

In the current scenario, right nutrition has gained a very big importance. Right eating habits should start early to keep the body and mind well working and growing at the correct pace. This will ensure a comfortable life free of diseases, a productive mind and energetic body.

Isha Kedia holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition and an able experience of 8 years. Her role at Care IVF includes counselling patients ( pre- and post natal ) for dietary and nutritional requirements.

Dr. Isha takes great delight in interacting with her patients and what intrigues her the most is the chance to look into each patient's unique background, habits, requirements etc. Each case comes with its own set of challenges.

The results are the most fulfilling aspect of her work. Seeing that the solutions given have helped the patients achieve their goals, and that, they have adopted the advice into their daily lives is of immense satisfaction.

Nutrition not only plays a significant role in the treatment but it's also integral to everyday health and long term well being of an individual. Treatment coupled with the right nutrition gives the perfect impetus to the healing process and right nutrition in-fact is indispensable to effective results.

"Patient interaction is what delights me the most. It gives me a chance to look into each patient's unique backgrounds, habits, requirements etc. Each case comes with its own set of challenges, keeping me intrigued at all times."

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