Earmarked as No.1 center in Single Specialty Clinics (Fertility Sciences) in Kolkata & Eastern India 3 years in a row by

Times Health Survey (2015 - 2017)

Rated the No.1 Fertility Center In Kolkata and East India two years in a row by TOI Survey 2015 & 16 and Rank Top 10 all India, Care IVF group is the most trusted IVF center in the East. We have garnered a lot of respect and credibility from our patients via countless reviews, ratings, success stories and testimonials.

With 7 Fertility Experts, 12 Counsellors, 50 plus associate consultants, 4 centers across Eastern India, 2 surrogate houses, one of the Largest Sperm and Oocyte banks in India and a growing city-wide presence in Eastern India, Care IVF is dedicated to the goal of helping couples have healthy babies.

Care IVF is also the Centre of Excellence in Medical Ultrasound and is the 1 st and only center in Eastern India to offer Live Ultrasound Training Programs for doctors covering Infertility Imaging, Basic and Advanced Ultrasound diagnosis in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility, 3D-4D Doppler and Fetal Echo.

The Clinic which becomes a second home for the patient undergoing treatment provides a soothing, welcoming and friendly environment. An experienced team of fertility experts, fertility scientists, geneticists, counsellors and paramedical staff is dedicated to achieving the best results for our patients. This is reflected in our success rates in a broad group of different patients.

What makes us different?

At Care IVF we always strive to find ways to give maximum autonomy to patients.

Be it through in-depth counseling, handholding at every step and transparency in costs counseling, we are continually attempting to help patient make informed decisions. Our team of Consultants, patient care executives and counselors form the backbone of patient support system at Care IVF that has helped numerous couples navigate the Infertility Journey.

We also have some the best practices in place that helps us stand apart:
  1. Our Team consist of 6 fertility specialists and an IUI specialist who is loved and revered by all his patients. Embryology team trained by acclaimed, a strong patient support team of 5 Patient coordinators and associated counselors-Nutritionists, Geneticists, Psychologists. We also offer meditation and panic healing as complimentary therapy during the treatment cycles.
  2. Our Fetal medicine department is highly acclaimed and renowned for its Ultrasound training programs in Infertility, Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our Radiologist Dr. Mukesh Sirohia and Dr. Khurshid Alam are pioneers in fetal medicine in Kolkata and Eastern India.
  3. We have a very constructive and step by step patient follow up system. From the moment patient walks in till they leave they our patient coordinators, floor coordinators, counselors are there to take you from A to Z and guide you on what to expect in the next step.
  4. Patients get a detailed cost counseling session where we make sure they get a complete picture of the costs involved, the exclusions. Absolute transparency is paramount. We make an active effort to make the treatment affordable for the patients. Even our treatment protocols are tailor made as per the woman’s ovarian response, age and reserve. We try to cuts costs whereever possible without compromising on the quality of treatment.
  5. We rely on the advanced screening tests performed before and during the cycle to get an idea on how the women would respond to the stimulation drugs and modulate the protocol and dosage to get the desired response.
  6. We have low cost protocols that use Standard IVF medicines available in market and high cost protocols that use recombinant medicines which are more expensive.
  7. We offer advanced technologies that can help increase the success rate to up to 60 % like endometrial receptivity assay, Laser Assisted Hatching, Pre – Implantation genetic screening and diagnostic procedures.
  8. Our Comprehensive Prenatal or Antenatal Ultrasound (3D/4D) screening program for birth defects, genetic disorders, and fetal growth scans looks after the mother and child wellbeing till birth and is referred by many doctors in the north east India.

Our dedication to success is reflected in the numerous patient testimonials, ratings on our social pages and success stories that they are very happy to share with the world. Do visit our testimonials and read what our patients have to say about us.