Care IVF's Fetal Medicine and Genetic Clinic offers a variety of services for:

  • + Screen Genetic Disorders
  • + Identify risks of Genetic Disorders
  • + Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)
  • + Detailed Anamoly Scans
  • + Embryo Screening during IVF

What are these tests? Why are they essential?

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Care IVF becomes the first IVF center in Kolkata and Eastern India to receive ASIC IVF clinics cum ISO Accreditation.

Care IVF becomes the first center in Eastern India and Kolkata to be assessed and receive dual accreditation for ASIC and ISO 9001:2015. Care IVF has already been hallmarked as the No.1 IVF center in Fertility sciences category in a national Health survey conducted by TOI two years in a row.

“Care IVF has always felt the need to be at par with international community in maintaining the best quality standards and have adopted standard operation protocols confirming to the practices followed globally to ensure the best of results. The ASIC auditing was extensive and covered not just the Laboratory and Medical management areas but also patient safety, disaster management, Patient relations, grievance handling, counseling, administrative and HR protocols. The ASIC certification proved that that the clinic was already 99% prepared and the audit help us improve and achieve 100% benchmark”.

All IVF clinics in India are required to be registered with the National Registry for IVF clinics and ART banks managed by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the body that regulates the Indian Fertility Industry and follow the clinical guidelines laid down by the Council. Veterans in the booming and ever increasing fertility industry have always pondered the lack of proper accreditation system for ART clinics that would help standardize the protocols and make them more user friendly and safe.

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Care IVF hallmarked as the No.1 IVF center in the East Zone, two years in a row in fertility sciences category by an all India Health Survey conducted by TOI. Care IVF stands among Top 10 IVF centers in the all India ranking in the same survey.

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