Fetal echocardiography is done to look into detail morphology and function of fetal heart. The best time to do fetal echocardiography is between 20-22 weeks.
At Care IVF we are even performing early fetal echocardiography at 15-16 weeks in cases of high index of suspicion ("HIS" approach).

The following are the indications of fetal echocardiography :

Maternal indication:

  • Family history of cardiac anomaly
  • Pre existing metabolic disease(e.g.diabetes)
  • Maternal infection (e.g. TORCH, Parvovirus etc.)
  • Cardiac teratogenic exposure (e.g. Antiepileptic drugs, Lithium etc.)
  • Maternal autoimmune disease (e.g. SLE)

Fetal indication :

  • Abnormal Nuchal translucency.
  • Abnormal fetal karyotype.
  • Major extra cardiac anomaly.
  • Suspected fetal heart anomaly.
  • Rate and rhythm disturbance.

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